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House of Browne

The House of Browne is an independent organisation which creates sophisticated diamond jewellery. We specialise in engagement rings and only use high quality diamonds for our products. As such we only use diamonds which are a minimum of H in colour and are SI1 clarity and have been certified by the GIA. We have access to thousands of diamonds so we will have no trouble finding the perfect ring for you.

Because each of our rings is custom made in our workshop it takes approximately 7-8 weeks to manufacture and have your ring delivered. This is so we can select a diamond that is to our satisfaction when we see it. We always ensure that our diamonds are a minimum of H in Colour and SI1 Clarity unless otherwise specified such as the 1 carat round brilliant cut being a minimum of G in colour. We also ensure the cut of the diamond is excellent and that the sparkle it reflects is perfect. You can trust us to make a breathtaking ring that you can cherish forever.

Below we have produced a guide to the different shapes of diamonds that are available. Each style is available in solitaire, halo and trilogy settings.


Each Ring is Bespoke.

We offer a wide range of diamond rings for you to select from. We operate on the basis that each ring is bespoke made for each person unlike large jewellery companies whose main goal is to maximise profit. We are now also able to make rings with other precious gemstones such as Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. The price set on these rings will depend on the origin of the gemstone as well as its colour, cut, clarity and carat. Origin plays an important role because certain regions of the world are know for producing superior quality stones such as Emeralds from Colombia which have always demanded a higher price due to their rich colour.

For information on rings made in other gemstones please email us at contact@houseofbrowne.com